“Remove China Apps” is growing with growing hate sentiments against the former country

The app is also gaining popularity in Australia along with India.

The anti-China sentiment has been growing in the hearts of Indians. The causes of this sentiments can be observed to be China being the root of Corona Virus and the Indo-China border disputes but this has definitely made an android app go viral in India.

The app carries the name “Remove China Apps” and as the name suggests, it claims to remove all the Chinese apps on your phone. Since the date it was launched, that is 17th of May, it has more than 50 lakh downloads already. This app has become the top free app of Play Store in less than 20 days with a 4.9 rating.

Though the makers suggest that the app is only for knowledge of which company is an app belongs to, the name of the app answers all the confusions. The app suggests all the Chinese app on the phone and you will be welcome to remove them.

The app is also gaining popularity in Australia along with India. Remove China Apps is a Jaipur based company called OneTouch AppLabs.

Controversy of YouTube vs TikTok also flamed the hatred towards TikTok which is a Chinese video making app. The ratings of the video drastically fell down and people uninstalled it at a large scale. Not only this, Mitron which is a similar app like TikTok but made in India is gaining more popularity day by day.

How to Use the Remove China Apps:

1) Download Remove China Apps from Google Play Store.

2) Open the app and tap Scan Now option.

3) The app will scan all the apps and display all the Chinese apps.

4) Click on remove in order to delete those Chinese apps from your phone