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Report Against Officer Who Arrested SRK’s Son Points To Corruption, Lapses

The report by the NCB's vigilance department indicates that the names of Aryan Khan and his friend Arbaaz Merchant were added at the last moment and the name of some other suspects were dropped

Mumbai: Sameer Wankhede, the former anti-drugs official who arrested Aryan Khan, the child of entertainer Shah Rukh Khan, in the case of a medication, had made numerous outings abroad with his family and claimed immense property lopsided to his pay, says a report recorded by the Opiates Control Department.

The Central Bureau of Investigation – which is researching him – – put together their Most memorable Data Report with respect to this report, a duplicate of which has been gotten to by NDTV. The organization has charged Sameer Wankhede and a couple of others of requesting a ₹ 25 crore payoff from Shah Rukh Khan’s family, undermining they would somehow approach Aryan Khan in the supposed medication bust.

The report by the NCB’s cautiousness division demonstrates that the names of Aryan Khan and his companion Arbaaz Trader were added without a second to spare and the name of a few different suspects was dropped. During the strike, in spite of the recuperation of moving paper from a suspect, she was permitted to go, the report says.

A series of lapses in the custody of Aryan Khan indicates that it was deliberately undermined by Sameer Wankhede to offer a chance to Kiran Gosavi, the free observer in the Mumbai voyage strike, for unfortunate behavior and infringement of Focal Common Administrations regulations.

The CCTV film of the NCB office gathered by a test group, had gone degenerate. The DVR and Printed version of the night when Aryan Khan was brought to the NCB office that was presented by the Mumbai group of the NCB was unique, the report says.

The report also mentions that in five years – – from 2017 to 2021 – – Sameer Wankhede made six excursions abroad with his loved ones. The rundown of countries included the UK, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, and Maldives, where he remained for 55 days.

In any case, he has asserted that he spent just 8.75 lakh, which scarcely takes care of the expense of air travel.

The report also makes reference to a progression of costly watches and other properties of Sameer Wankhede that are unbalanced to his known kinds of revenue. This incorporates a Rolex watch that was evidently offered to him at a cost far lower than MRP – – 17 lakh, down from 22 lahks.

He also possesses four pads in Mumbai and 41,688 sections of land in Washim.

In his correspondence to the organization, Sameer Wankhede has guaranteed he spent ₹ 82.8 lakh on a fifth level in Goregaon esteemed at ₹ 2.45 crore.

There is also notice of a level bought by him and his significant other before their marriage for ₹ 1.25 crore. The source of this cash stays a secret.

The Income Tax returns of Mr. Wankhede and his better half show their yearly pay is 45,61,460, which doesn’t make sense of how they have supported their unfamiliar outings and different resources.