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Rs 500 In Circulation Sharply Increases; No Rs 2,000 Note Printed In FY20

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proclaimed its annual report for the year FY20.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proclaimed its annual report for the year FY20. knowledge of currency-in-circulation (CIC) was conjointly bestowed, that showed a stunning image. Within the business enterprise, tally didn’t print any new Rs2,000 notes. whereas the financial organisation hyperbolic the printing of latest Rs500 notes.

Notably, Rs200 and Rs100 notes saw a decline in printing compared to previous business enterprise.Currently, tally problems notes in denominations of Rs2, Rs5, Rs10, Rs20, Rs50, Rs100, Rs200, Rs500 and Rs2,000. whereas coins like fifty paise and Re1, Rs2, Rs5, Rs10 and therefore the recently launched coin of Rs20 denomination are in circulation. In regards to printing of latest notes, tally aforementioned in its annual report, “The indent and supply of coins for 2019- 20 was lower by 44.5% and 49.3%, severally, from their levels within the previous year, reflective lower demand for coins within the economy.”

No new Rs2,000 notes printed in FY20; RBI prints more of Rs500 ...

Data given by RBI showed that no Rs2000 notes were printed and supplied in FY20. On the contrary, some 1,200 items of Rs500 notes were written in FY20 compared to one,147 items written within the previous business enterprise. Meanwhile, the printing of Rs200 and Rs100 notes stood to the tune of 196 items and 327 pieces within the latest business enterprise, lower compared to 273 items and 641 pieces written in FY19. A downward trend was conjointly witnessed in Rs50 and Rs10 notes wherever 234 items and 147 pieces were written in FY20 against 404 pieces and 429 pieces printed in FY19.