Russia backs up India in defence supplies

Russian government has promised to fulfil it within two to three months.

In the recent visit of India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Moscow for the 75th Russian Victory Day Parade, he had requested a few requirements on the behalf of India. The request was taken positively by the Russian government who promised to deliver it to India as soon as possible.

Rajnath Singh had also requested for some military armed forces for day-to-day defence purposes. Russian government has promised to fulfil it within two to three months.

After his meeting with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, Rajnath Singh said, “All our proposals have received a positive response from the Russian side. I am fully satisfied with my discussions.” The Russian side also assured that the ongoing contracts will be maintained and not just maintained, in a number of cases will be taken forward in a shorter time.”

However, there were no urgent requests from India for the delivery of S-400 or SU-30 yet. A Russian source explained, “sophisticated system, we are making it as early as we can, because India’s Ministry of Defence long back requested us to speed up,”

The Russian government also said, “”We will soon get the exact list and we will try our best to deliver at earliest, most probably within 2-3 months.” Confirming to deliver our request.

However, few concerns were definitely raised by the Soviet Union in regard to delivering Self Propelled Air Defence Gun Missile System (SPAD-GMS) and 200 Kamov Ka-226T helicopters.

According to the sources, “The Russian Pantsir air defence missile/gun system with its high mobility and versatility of use is what India needs for strengthening its air defence capabilities and can be to counter with high efficiency the unmanned vehicle’s threats.”

The military relationships of both the countries have been quite strong in the past years with Russia supplying military ammunitions to India for almost seven decades now.