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Sachin Pilot says ‘Strongest warrior sent to border’ on change of seating position in assembly

"I was safe on the seat I used to sit on earlier. Then I believed why I have been assigned a unique seat. I saw that this can be the border

On weekday quipped concerning the modification in his seating position within the Rajashan assembly and aforementioned his party had sent him nearer to the opposition benches because it needed a robust soul to protect its borders. Pilot won’t to sit aboard chief minister Ashok Gehlot within the front row once he was his deputy. However, the raped deputy chief minister was seated nearer to the opposition benches once the assembly convened for the session nowadays.


“I was safe on the seat I used to sit on earlier. Then I believed why I have been assigned a unique seat. I saw that this can be the border – ruling party on one facet, opposition on different. Who is shipped to border? The strongest soul,” Pilot said in response to relentless BJP digs during the debate ahead of the trust vote.

Pilot also alluded to the Congress leadership’s role in brokering a truce between him and Gehlot, saying that he raised his concerns with the “doctor” and has received the “treatment”.

“Be it me or any friend of mine, we consulted the ‘doctor’ and all 125 of us are standing in the House today after treatment…There is also bombardment at this border however we are going to be the armour and keep it everything safe,” he said.