Sharad Pawar’s Advice To Uddhav Thackeray After He Loses Shiv Sena Symbol

Sharad Pawar said, "It's the decision of the Election Commission. Once a decision is given, there can be no discussion. Accept it and take a new symbol. It (the loss of the old symbol) is not going to have any major impact as people will accept (the new symbol)

Pune, Maharashtra: Patriot Congress Party (NCP) Boss Sharad Pawar commented on the deficiency of the “bow and bolt” image of his partner Uddhav Thackeray group on Friday, expressing that it wouldn’t have any significant effect.
He likewise focused on that individuals would acknowledge the new image.

Mr Pawar’s comments came after Political decision Commission of India (ECI) requested that the party name “Shiv Sena” and the party image “Bow and Bolt” will be given to the Eknath Shinde group.

The NCP boss requested that Mr Thackeray acknowledge the Political race Commission’s choice and take another image.

“It’s the choice of the Political race Commission. When a choice is given, there can be no conversation. Acknowledge it and take another image. It (the deficiency of the old image) won’t have any significant effect as individuals will acknowledge (the new image). It just would stay in the conversation for the following 15-30 days, that is all there is to it,” Mr Pawar said.

He reviewed the Congress changing its image from two bullocks with a burden to hand and said that individuals would acknowledge the new image of Uddhav Thackeray group like the manner in which they acknowledged the Congress’ new image.

“I recollect Indira Gandhi additionally confronted this present circumstance. Congress used to have a ‘two bullocks with a burden’ image. Later they lost it and took ‘close by’ as another image and individuals acknowledged it. Likewise, individuals will acknowledge the new image (of Uddhav Thackeray group),” he said.

In a significant mishap to the Uddhav Thackery group of Shiv Sena, the Political decision Commission of India (ECI) on Friday dispensed the party name “Shiv Sena” and the image “Bow and Bolt” to the group drove by Maharashtra Boss Pastor Eknath Shinde.

While the Shinde group invited the choice of being perceived as the genuine Shiv Sena, the Uddhav Thackeray group said they will move the High Court

Prior, the Eknath Shinde group burst saltines and celebrated in Nashik today after the Political decision Commission request.

The Uddhav Thackeray group blamed the Political race Commission for flurry and said the choice shows “it fills in as BJP specialist”.

The Commission saw in its organization that the ongoing constitution of the Shiv Sena party is undemocratic and has been “disfigured to delegate individuals from a circle as office conveyors with no political decision by any stretch of the imagination undemocratically”. It said such party structures neglect to move certainty.

Considering the survey board’s choice as “murder of a majority rules system”, Uddhav Thackeray said he will move toward the High Court against the choice.

“They ought to initially figure out Balasaheb. They have come to realize that ‘Modi’s face doesn’t draw in individuals in Maharashtra any longer so they need to put Balasaheb’s cover all over for their own advantage. I had said that ECI shouldn’t give a choice before the SC decision. On the off chance that the party’s presence is concluded in light of the quantity of MLAs and MPs, any entrepreneur can buy MLA, MP and become CM,” Uddhav Thackeray said at a question and answer session.

He said they have the help of individuals and will go to them. “We will unquestionably go to the High Court against this EC request. We are certain that the SC will save this request,” Mr Thackeray said.

Shiv Sena was shaped by Uddhav Thackeray’s dad Balasaheb Thackeray.