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Smokers Are More Vulnerable to COVID-19

Quitting smoking is extremely important ― the biggest reason is that smoking affects nearly every organ of your body.

Quitting smoking is extremely important ― The Biggest reason is that smoking affects nearly every organ of your body. But now, you have an even more immediate reason to kick the habit – COVID-19. While the novel Coronavirus can infect anyone, smokers, in particular, are more prone to fall victim to it. It causes extensive damage to various vital organs and systems of the human body. However, the lungs continue to remain one of the most affected organs. In smokers, the lung function is already impaired, which makes it more hard for the body to fight off the Coronavirus.

Also, the act of smoking involves contact of fingers and lips and sharing of smoking items, which encourages the transmission of the infection. Thus, even the individuals who smoke sparingly are in risk of contracting COVID-19.

While it’s significant that everybody is spared from contracting Covid-19 in the First Place, it’s similarly significant that we do everything we can to keep our lungs healthy in order to avoid the worst effects of the pandemic. For smokers, quitting smoking is an important part of this effort. When you quit smoking, your body starts to repair the damages, and after some time, the risk of life-threatening health problems attacking you reduces dramatically.

However, for best results, this should be done in a safe and effective manner.

For this, the World Health Organization
(WHO) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) have recommended using proven interventions such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) To help smokers quit using the Nicotine Replacement Therapy, over-the-counter NRTs are easily available. And in India, Nicotex is one of the biggest brands in this category.