Swiggy is expected to sack 1000 employees as demand plunges by 60%

Swiggy plans to fire 1000 employees amidst a decline in the number of orders due to Covid.

Coronavirus has brought miseries with it. Lakhs of people from all over the world are becoming unemployed. The worst affected businesses are startup businesses with less backup to rely on. Swiggy is a company that was enjoying immense success throughout India in a less period. They kept on hiring talents to make it a success.

But sadly due to the decline in demands due to the pandemic, online food delivery platform Swiggy might fire around 1000 employees. They have also decided to reduce discounts and offers on meals. They are planning to reduce the cash going out and looking for more investments. Also, the private brand kitchen team, as well as its, centers are under serious threats of being closed.

As per the report this is expected to happen in the month of May 2020 itself. Officials from the company confirmed the news by saying “As the lockdown gets further extended, we are evaluating various means to stay nimble and focused on growth and profitability across our kitchens. This will, unfortunately, have an impact on a certain number of kitchen staff who will be fully supported during the transition.

The contractual employees like the cloud kitchen staff may also be sacked as Swiggy looks to conserve cash and increase its efficiency.

March saw the worst hit for Swiggy as from 2.5 million deliveries perday declined to 1 million deliveries perday. The restaurants were closed down and people decided to refrain from buying outside food amidst fear of close-contact.

With no options left and darkness hovering over them different businesses are choosing to sack employees to save money. Tough times have approached the world. Millions of people are not getting proper food and basic amenities. Deprived of their jobs they are striving hard to support their family.

Being highly optimistic is the only key to survive in this disaster. Patience and hard work will get people through these situations. Businesses will be thriving.