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Taliban Say “Hundreds” Headed To Holdout Afghan Valley

Since Taliban overran Afghanistan, flickers of resistance have begun to emerge with some ex-government troops gathering in Panjshir.

The Taliban said on Sunday that “hundreds” of its warriors were going to the Panjshir Valley, one of the few parts of Afghanistan not yet constrained by the gathering.

Since the Taliban overran Afghanistan, flickers of the opposition have started to emerge with some ex-government troops gathering in the Panjshir, north of Kabul, since a long time ago known as an anti-Taliban bastion.

“Hundreds of Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are heading towards the state of Panjshir to control it after local state officials refused to hand it over peacefully,” the group wrote on its Arabic Twitter account.

Since the Taliban assumed responsibility for the nation following a lightning race into the capital Kabul, a large number of individuals have advanced toward Panjshir, as per a representative against Taliban powers.

In Panjshir, Ahmad Massoud, the son of legendary mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who was killed by Al-Qaeda two days before the September 11, 2001 attacks, has tried to assemble a force of around 9,000 peoples to counter the terrorists, the representative, Ali Maisam Nazary, told AFP.

Pictures taken by AFP during training practices show many recruits performing fitness schedules, and a handful of armored humvees driving across the valley northeast of Kabul.

Nazary said the group needs to push for another system of government, however, is ready to battle if needed.

“Government forces came to Panjshir from several Afghan provinces,” Massoud told Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya broadcaster Sunday.

“The Taliban will not last long if it continues on this path. We are ready to defend Afghanistan and we warn of bloodshed.”