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Telegram’s New Feature Lets You Import Chats From WhatsApp

Telegram users on iOS can now import chats from WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

Telegram is working on another feature that will allow users to import chats from WhatsApp and other messaging applications. The new feature comes in the midst of WhatsApp users changing to choices, for example, Telegram and Signal.

Telegram’s new feature was rolled out as an update to iOS users on the App Store. It was, however, quickly pulled back and a new update without this feature was rolled out. But 9to5Mac managed to try out the new feature before it was pulled back. Telegram users on iOS who are still on version 7.4 may have access to it.

The release notes of Telegram 7.4 say that users will have the option to import chats from WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk and other messaging applications. On WhatsApp, this feature works with the ‘Export Chat’ functionality. Users can open a chat, select the ‘More’ menu and pick Export Chat. A ZIP document of that specific chat will be created and sent exported to Telegram through the iOS Share Sheet.

Whenever this is done, you can pick which contact or group chat you need the WhatsApp chat sent out to on Telegram. All the messages from that chat will then be added to Telegram, and in the particular chat chosen. Telegram will also highlight these chats as “imported.”

The new feature is really simple to use, and it can be useful for those changing from WhatsApp or some other application to Telegram.