The blame game after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide

Some are calling it 'a simple suicide out of depression' with no relevant reasons behind it. While some have termed it as a murder committed collectively by the wrongdoers of the film industry.

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Mental health can be very complicated to understand, especially when we keep confusing various mental disorders with each other. We often reduce several mental sicknesses to mental retardation or rather term the person suffering as deranged. Nevertheless, there is a range of mental disorders with significant differences affecting patients in different ways.

Specifically talking about depression, it is too, a mental illness, a disease. It’s more internal than external. But we must also note that whatever goes on within us is largely the product of our external affairs.
Now, when a person is diagnosed with depression, even the most trivial elements can trigger him/her to take steps as crucial as committing suicide. The reasons behind actions are mostly irrelevant in this state.
However, there are always some or many factors that lead a person to enter the state of depression. Some of them are as concrete as family history, brain structure, early childhood trauma, substance use, and so on. While some factors are abstract such as stress, tensions, low self-esteem, feeling blue, etc. But again, even the abstract entities are ultimately associated with our external environment. The stress, tensions, or feeling of sadness are majorly the products of our outer events, outside our body and mind.

Now, if we consider the suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, various speculations are making rounds, and theories are being framed. Everyone has his/her own take on this. Some are calling it ‘a simple suicide out of depression’ with no relevant reasons behind it. While some have termed it as a murder committed collectively by the wrongdoers of the film industry. Some are persuading to call off the further investigations on this case, to not make a political agenda out of it. While some are strongly demanding an investigation to reveal the unfair exercises of the industry, trying to bend it into a protest, maybe for their own interests or some may be wise enough to ask it for avoiding any such forthcoming tragedy.

#KanganaRanaut exposes the propaganda by industry arnd #SushantSinghRajput‘s tragic death &how the narrative is spun to hide how their actions pushed #Sushant to the edge.Why it’s imp to give talent their due &when celebs struggle with personal issues media to practice restraint

— Team Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) June 15, 2020

Some believe that the actor left in the pursuit of peace so let the peace be. While some have sworn to bring him justice by countering the factors that lead people to take such steps.

Sushant didn’t leave a note. We don’t know what he went thru. We don’t know the cause. STOP taking out ur frustration using the pain of a troubled person. He didn’t leave a note! Get it? He didn’t want to talk about it. He’s gone. Let him have his peace & his family privacy. 2/n

— Swara Bhasker (@ReallySwara) June 15, 2020

Also, there’s a section of people curtailing the whole scenario into a sheer issue of mental health and there’s another section of people denying the entire existence of mental ailments. They refuse to account for depression as a disease. For them, it’s a hypothetical concept used as a shield by mentally weak or deranged people.

He was hallucinating.
He had gone crazy.
He used to talk to himself.
He was mentally unstable.

Aur pata nahi kya kya likhenge ye log, taaki inke Bollywood Mafia ki image kharab na ho. Chahe Sushant ki image ki aisi taisi ho jaye uske marne ke baad par boss ki image theek rahe.

— Madhur (@ThePlacardGuy) June 15, 2020

Certain people are just disgusting and will always be.

— Sonakshi Sinha (@sonakshisinha) June 15, 2020

Yet when we truly endeavor to understand the intricacies of this case, we can deduce one fact vividly about all the speculations being made, that is, nothing can be solely denied or acknowledged.

Let’s agree that Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide out of depression. Something incidental might have provoked him to stride towards hanging himself. But there have to be some valid reasons which caused him to enter the depression phase. Maybe it was genetic, maybe it was some trauma or maybe it was something very personal to him which we will never know, may it be his relationships or something about himself. Saying that some rogue elements of the film industry heaved this misfortune can also be true. There are many possibilities. Another possibility can be an actual murder. Maybe the medical reports were framed to rule out the whole case as a suicide, maybe he was being tortured by someone. I know it sounds lame but at least a possibility. We never know what goes on behind the curtains. We never know what goes on in somebody’s head. Hence, an ordered investigation must be conducted. We’ve been feeding on lies for so long, the world needs to face some truths now. Meanwhile, we should spread the awareness and importance of mental health. We should learn that it’s not a taboo but a disease like any other bodily ailment that can be treated and must be treated before it costs another life.

#SushantSinghRajput demise shouldn’t become a tool to settle personal scores. Abhinav Kashyap arguments is looking opportunistic. #Besharam tanked at the BO because it was a extremely bad film, blaming salman khan & family for your failure is bullshit.10 saal baad kyu jaage bhai.

— Sumit kadel (@SumitkadeI) June 16, 2020

And it’s always fair to condemn the unfair but targeting some specific people based on mere conjecture is vile. It might again lead to something we are currently trying to prevent. We might end up traumatizing another person to justify the trauma of one. And if anyone of those whom we are referring to as convicts right now takes such step, they’ll immediately be a victim to us and we’ll sympathize with him/her like we had no parts to play in the crime. Why are we inviting more mishaps? How long will we keep playing the blame game just for the sake of our convenience?