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The latest beta version of the Google Phone app is compatible with most Android phones

The Google Phone beta app has reportedly been tested to be working on Samsung and OnePlus devices.

Currently, an online article has reported, Google Phone software can be enabled on almost all non-Pixel or non-Android One smartphones. Only by signing in the app’s beta programme  you will be able to update the software on non-pixel mobile phones, as extended functionalities are still being check. While the non Pixel phone users are not yet able to find the app on the Google Play Store search page, you need to check whether your handset is compatible with the app.

Till now, only selected smartphones like ASUS, OPPO and LG have been compatible with the Google Phone app’s beta edition. Nevertheless, by simply searching for the app in the Play Store, you can not download and install the software. You will have to manually look to the page for the Play Store and register for the application.

This is surprisingly not all smartphones have the functionality of the Google Phone application. You will not be able to accept calls from other devices while using the app. Attributes such as Call Screen are often inconsistent with non-pixel phones at present. Many recent attributes are not compatible with the majority of apps, including the nifty Duo.

Although some of the more exciting aspects of the software don’t function on many phones yet, you can always attempt to adjust the dials setting for a quick and elegant layout on your device.

You can have the access to the Google’s Phone app from the Play store if you have already registered for the device test program. It can also be noted that since this is mainly under a trial edition, you can face several issues regarding this. In fact, the software might not be accessible in your region. So, there is nothing to get worry about. You will soon be updated with the solution of all your queries.

Android police claimed the Galaxy Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and others, have already checked with the app. Sources also state that the application does not provide all the facilities to every handset around the world. This involves the call screen feature, which enables you to communicate with the caller by selecting the screen texts.