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This is how the fashion industry is dealing with the Corona crisis

Dissappointment or digitalisation? Decide it yourself!

Fashion lovers have been deprived of major events since March this year due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic. However, the announcement of Paris Fashion Week SS’21 has revitalised fashion lovers from all over the globe.

Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest and best known live fashion runway shows of all time. Hence, fashion lovers are all prepped up to head to France for the week for the big 2021 fashion collection’s revelation.

This event is to be held in September this year. The French Haute Couture and Fashion Federation has announced the dates to be between September 28 and October 6.

The schedules of various other fashion events have either been cancelled or scheduled without public involvements to ensure social distancing. Paris men’s and haute couture fashion shows will be held online next week. Dior will also be hosting a live fashion show except for the involvement of any audience whatsoever. This show is scheduled to be dated on 22nd July,2020.

London’s Men’s Fashion Week was also conducted digitally through films, podcasts, and playlists this year. Paris Men’s Fashion Week is expected to follow the same after which Milan Men’s Fashion Week is scheduled, that too online.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that quarantine time has given birth to “phygital shows” comprising live events broadcasted in the form of videos without audience involvement. Brands like Dior, Burberry, and Ermenegildo Zegnaa are looking forward affirmatively to this concept.

Phygital Shows concept has paved its way to India too. Lakme Fashion Week announced its own form of Phygital Show in India called the Virtual Showroom. This will be a free marketplace for the brands and designers to showcase their designs “phygitally.”

Ashwath Swaminathan , who is the head of innovations of Lakme gave the statement, “Under the circumstances, designers will need new ways to reach their buyers and consumers. The Virtual Showroom is an initiative which can fulfill this need by leveraging technology. The Virtual Showroom offers many tools to make transacting more transparent and convenient.”