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To fulfill the new demand for online team meetings, Google Inc makes Meet app free for all users

Google brings a sigh of relief in the world of video calling by making its Meet app free.

Amidst never-ending lockdown, one of the growing trends is that of group video calls. Work from home has created havoc in the industries. So, for efficiently completing the works the team leader urges everyone to join an online meeting. The meeting involves discussing several agendas, assigning work to people, and interacting with colleagues. Also, a safe platform for video calling is highly appreciated as people resort to video calls to interact with their family, relatives, and friends. Google Inc, one of the most reliable company has made it’s Meet app free for all users. Not only this but also it can accommodate 100 people simultaneously.

With video conferencing apps like Zoom losing its reliability for its failure to provide privacy to the users, Google has brought a sigh of relief. Earlier the app was available only at a cost for Gsuite users. Google has made a tremendous move to capitalize on the surging popularity of video calling apps.

After making it free Meet has gained immense popularity. Its usage grew by 30 times and has been adding roughly 3 million users every day,

The advanced features which make Meet immensely popular are recording, streaming, enhanced safety control, screen sharing, and in-person meetings. Google turned out to be the giant of this new ability which made it popular across families, friends, hobby groups, physicians, and much more.

Its complete safe environment and its linkage to the google accounts give the users the guarantee and the reliability they need.

“This is the first time that a product designed for enterprise use is being extended to individual users. We have already seen how Google Meet has been helping a lot of businesses and schools. We keep seeing the need for a very secure as well as easy-to-use, high-quality service for individual users as well”- quoted Smita Hashim, Director Product Management, Google cloud ET.

Worried about not being able to meet your near and dear ones. Here is Google to the rescue.

Happy Video Calling people.