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Top WhatsApp features launched in 2021

You are on WhatsApp constantly. Messages are coming in fastly and you are equally quick in responding to them and sending many of your own to others too. Also, there are so many interesting and new ways to send messages that you must have adopted over the course of the last 12 months. However, there may be some new WhatsApp features you may have forgotten about. So, here we list all the new WhatsApp features that have been rolled out in 2021 – just in case you want to start using them again.

WhatsApp is one of the most well-known messaging applications in the world. One of the factors that makes it immensely well known among people from all walks of life is that it keeps adding new features and functionalities to its platform that make it a tad bit easier and much more entertaining to use each time. This year, the Meta-owned messaging application released huge loads of new features that made it easier for users to connect with their loved ones and keep their communications safe and secure. So, check out the full list of new WhatsApp features rolled out in 2021:

WhatsApp Join missed group calls

WhatsApp rolled out the ability to join a group call, even after it’s begun. Afterward this year, the organization rolled out an update that makes it easier for WhatsApp users to join missed group calls. As a part of the update, WhatsApp brought the button to join a missed group call near the profile icon in a group, making it easier for users to look for it and join it.

WhatsApp View Once photos and videos

One more feature that WhatsApp rolled out to its users is called View Once. This feature enables WhatsApp users to share pictures and video files that disappear from the chat after they’ve been opened. This feature gives users even more control over their privacy. Like chats, View Once media files is protected by end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp End-to-end encrypted chat backups

More recently, WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption to the chat backups on Android. With these chats, WhatsApp’s Android users will be able to protect their chat backs on Google Drive with the same encryption technology that the company uses to protect the conversations on its platform.

WhatsApp Desktop video and voice calls

WhatsApp earlier this year rolled out a desktop calling feature on its Desktop application. The feature brought the ability to make voice and video calls via WhatsApp’s desktop app. WhatsApp said that voice and video calls made from WhatsApp’s Desktop app will be protected by end-to-end encryption just like the video calls and voice calls made via WhatsApp’s mobile-based app.

WhatsApp transfer feature

Finally, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to move users’ WhatsApp history from iOS to Android. This incorporates clients’ voice messages photos and videos. This feature was initially rolled out on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running on Android 10 or higher. Later, the messaging app expanded to all Android smartphones.