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Twitter India Appoints New Grievance Officer Vinay Prakash to Comply With New IT Rules

Twitter has listed Vinay Prakash as the new grievance officer and posted his contact details on its website.

Twitter’s India unit appointed a resident grievance officer, days subsequent to assigning a chief compliance officer, to meet new IT rules in the country, in the midst of strains with the government.

The website of the US social media firm on Sunday showed Vinay Prakash as the new complaint officer alongside his contact subtleties and systems for users to report potential violations of its rules and terms.

On Thursday, Twitter had told an Indian court it’s anything but an interval complaint official to conform to the new standards. It had additionally said it intended to have a final appointment for the work in about two months.

The IT rules, which became successful end-May, are pointed toward managing content via social media and making firms act all the more quickly on legal requests to remove posts and sharing details on the originators of messages.

However, the regulatory investigation of Twitter, alongside others like WhatsApp and Amazon, has ratcheted up friction between the US tech firms and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and upset the business environment in a key growth market.