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Twitter Spaces Update Brings New Tweet Composer, Search Feature for Live Spaces

Twitter Spaces on iOS is also getting a 'Guest Management' feature

Twitter is rolling out another update to make Twitter Spaces easier to find and share. The update will allow users to directly tweet from a Live Space on Android and iOS devices. While users could earlier publish a tweet while listening to a conversation on Spaces, the new tweet composer directly in the Space makes it much easier. Twitter has added more features to the iOS application, which gets new ‘guest management ‘ controls and search features for Spaces. The last component is accessible for beta clients as of now. Twitter has likewise fixed a couple of bugs to make Spaces more solid.

The update for Twitter Spaces was reported by means of a string on Twitter. Users on Android and iOS will actually want to directly tweet from the Spaces page — using the new composer — which will automatically link to the audio along with the hashtags of the Space. Twitter also said that the handle of the host of the particular Space will be automatically added to tweets sometime soon.

The Twitter iOS application is getting more features related to Twitter Spaces. Tab Beta users will actually want to look for live and upcoming Spaces by title, have name, and host handle on iOS. Twitter has also mentioned that all live and upcoming Spaces have become searchable. There is no information on when the new search features to discover more Live Spaces will roll out to Android and desktop users.

Another feature for iOS users in this update is the improved ‘guest management’ controls. The update puts the control bar at the top of the guest management page for it to become easily accessible. Twitter has also added a “section state” for the host to “better see what type of participants they have in their Space (including pending speaker requests)”.

Twitter Spaces Update Brings New Tweet Composer, Search Feature for Live SpacesRecently, it was reported that Twitter is working away at the ability to let Web application users speak on Twitter Spaces. The new functionality was tweeted by engineer Nima Owji. He also referenced that while he could talk through the Web application, Owji needed to begin the Space through a portable application.