Watch: “Prachand” Is The Name – 1st India-Made Light Combat Helicopter

The 'Prachand' helicopter has been tested over Ladakh. It can take out Chinese drones with air-to-air missiles.

New Delhi: Not long after drafting the primary cluster of natively grew Light Battle Helicopters, named Prachand, Protection Clergyman Rajnath Singh shared a true to life video of the chopper on Twitter with the subtitle, “Prachand is the name”.

The smooth video has a few close-up shots of the chopper. With a true to life feel, it shows the airplane in the storage, being brought out to the landing area, pilots examining it, and afterward taking off. The video is set to quick moving emotional music.

The video shows the chopper from different points, including an elevated perspective, 360-degree pivot, flying shots, and furthermore the view from inside the cockpit. Flying corps pilots should be visible stacking up ammo into the weapons, planning while in flight, and discharging at an objective.

The Light Battle Helicopter (LCH), created by state-run aviation significant Hindustan Flying Ltd (HAL), has been principally intended for sending in high-height locales. It was drafted into the IAF at a service in Jodhpur within the sight of Guard Pastor Rajnath Singh and Head of Air Staff Air Boss Marshal VR Chaudhari.

The light battle helicopter over the course of the following quite a while will be the bedrock of assault helicopter developments in the Indian Armed force and in the Indian Flying corps. The 5.8-ton twin-motor helicopter has proactively finished different weapons shooting tests, the authorities said.

The helicopter can likewise be sent in high-height shelter busting activities, counter-rebellion tasks in the wildernesses and metropolitan conditions, as well with respect to supporting ground powers.

The chopper has been tried over Ladakh. It can take out Chinese robots with aerial rockets. It can likewise take out tanks on the ground utilizing air to surface enemy of tank weapons.