What Happens If India Vs Zimbabwe Match Gets Abandoned Due To Rain? Semi-Final Scenario Explained

India, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh can all qualify for the semi-finals of T20 World Cup 2022. None of the four teams are assured of a berth in the last 4 yet.

The Indian cricket crew took a major jump forward in the semi-finals capability race from the Gathering 2 of the T20 World Cup 2022 as they crushed Bangladesh. Be that as it may, a spot in the knockouts isn’t totally fixed at this point, with Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa still in the conflict. Pakistan’s triumph over the Proteas has completely exposed the semi-finals capability situation. In the event that India win against Zimbabwe in their last Really 12 match, they are guaranteed of the gathering victor’s spot. Yet, what occurs assuming that the match is cleaned out?

Downpour has been the greatest lowlife in the T20 World Cup this year, washing various. However the downpour revile hasn’t been as destructive in that frame of mind, in Gathering 1, it has seen some significant matches being deserted, prompting what is happening from the semi-finals capability point of view.

India by and by have 6 focuses to their name and are involving the No. 1 spot while South Africa (5 focuses) and Pakistan (4 focuses) are at the No. 2 and negative. 3 spot individually. On the off chance that India’s match against Zimbabwe doesn’t actually see a 5-over-a-side challenge happen, the two groups will share a point. All things considered, India’s count will be at 7.

In such a situation, India would fit the bill for the semi-finals, yet wouldn’t be sure to advance as the gathering victors. South Africa would have the chance to take the No. 1 spot in the gathering in such a case by beating the Netherlands, kindness of a superior Net Run Rate.

Additionally, the victor of the Pakistan and Bangladesh match can arrive at the semi-finals in this present circumstance on the off chance that South Africa go down to the Netherlands. A Proteas win would take both Pakistan and Bangladesh out of the competition as both South Africa and India would have 7 focuses.

It likewise must be noticed that there’s no save day set up for any of the gathering matches in the T20 World Cup. Just the semi-finals and the last has the arrangement of a hold day being set off in the event of downpour.