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WhatsApp Beta for Android Crashing for Some Users, Bug Fixed Through an Update

WhatsApp beta for Android reportedly kept crashing while users tried opening the app or while sending media.

WhatsApp beta for Android was reportedly crashing for users on two builds. The messaging application from Meta has delivered a fix for the bug that made it crash, according to another report. Users of WhatsApp faced an error when opening the application or while sending media. The new build doesn’t give the motivation to the accident and just conveys the fix. However, there is also a guide for how users can revert to an older version of WhatsApp beta without losing their chat data.

A report by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp features tracker, Meta’s instant messaging service was crashing for some beta testers. WhatsApp beta for Android and reportedly faced an unknown error that caused them to crash when users tried opening the app or while trying to send media.

One more report by WABetaInfo mentions that WhatsApp has released a fix for the bug that caused its beta trying application on Android to crash. The fix is bundled with WhatsApp beta for Android The report did not mention the reason for the app crashing on some users’ Android smartphones.

The WhatsApp features tracker prescribes users to back up their information on Google Drive before updating to another beta build. Thusly, if the beta application has a bug that makes it crash, users can prevent their data from being lost. One of the remedies — before the app gets a bug fix — is to revert to an older build.

WABetaInfo also has a guide for users to downgrade to an older version without losing their information and without re-installing the older version. The guide makes reference to that while it is easier for iOS users to revert to an older version without reinstalling the app, Android users will still have to download the older version through a third-party app downloading website.