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WhatsApp Can Now Be Used on Secondary Devices Without Having to Keep Your Phone Online: How to Enable

WhatsApp users can send and receive messages on up to four devices using the new feature.

WhatsApp has started rolling out its anticipated multi-device support for many numbers of users on both Android and iOS to allow them to use their accounts on another device, without requiring their phones to be associated with the Internet. Users can use the new feature to interface WhatsApp on up to four gadgets at the same time to send and get messages on the application in any event, when their telephones are not associated with the Internet. The update is helpful if you access WhatsApp on a desktop or Mac.

Presented in July after a series of internal testing, multi-device support on WhatsApp allow users to interface their messaging account to a secondary device — say a PC, laptop, or Facebook Portal. It notably enables end-to-end encryption on the chats that takes place using the secondary device. This means that neither WhatsApp nor a third party can read the messages you send or receive on your connected PC.

By offering independent help, WhatsApp empowers clients to send and get messages on their optional device regardless of whether they are not nearby their telephones. The feature also helps you stay connected to WhatsApp if your phone runs out of charge.

How to link your WhatsApp account to a secondary device

Before starting with the steps below, note that you should be on the most recent WhatsApp version to get multi-device support and link your account to an optional device. The feature is also as of now in ‘beta’ and may, hence, bring about some stability issues until further notice. Furthermore, it is limited to WhatsApp Web, Desktop, and Portal. This means that WhatsApp hasn’t yet enabled support for linking an Android phone or iPhone as a secondary device. You can also not connect your WhatsApp account using multi-device support to an Android tablet or iPad at this moment.

Join multi-device beta by going to WhatsApp and then Settings > Linked Devices > Multi-Device Beta.

Once done, return to the screen of the Linked gadget and afterward tap the Link a Device button to connect another device.

You will now be required to scan a QR code available on your secondary device to link it with your WhatsApp account.

After linking, WhatsApp will allow you to send and receive messages using your secondary device. You will also be able to see your previous messages from the secondary device, though the messages that are deleted from your primary device will not be visible on the secondary one. Messages that you delete from your secondary device will also not be visible on your phone. However, this feature doesn’t work with an iPhone.