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WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update for iOS Users

WhatsApp's latest update on iOS brings larger media previews, and support for group members to control disappearing messages.

WhatsApp has rolled out another update for iOS users. The new update brings larger image and video previews. It also gives group members control over disappearing messages. This feature was earlier restricted only to group chat admins.

The new feature are available with WhatsApp form 2.21.71 in the App Store. WhatsApp users on iOS can go to the App Store and download the latest update to experience the new features. The new update comes shortly after WhatsApp started rolling it out to beta users. In the beta version, WhatsApp allowed group members to turn on/off disappearing messages. This is now available to all users.

WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature launched last year in November. For group chats only admins had the right to turn the feature on or off. Once it’s turned on, messages sent to the chat will automatically disappear after seven days. With the new update, WhatsApp group admins can allow participants to have control over disappearing messages. The ultimate decision still remains with the admin but it’s still good to have an option for group participants as some would prefer this kind of setting. The new feature will be available under ‘Edit group info’ in the group chat settings.

Going to the next feature, WhatsApp will presently show bigger image and video preview in chat. This element will be useful as iOS users will actually want to see photos and videos properly without having to enlarge it. The current preview window is actually pretty small but this update should fix it.