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WhatsApp Tricks And Tips – How To Send Messages Without Typing

Google had launched a feature on Google Assistant back in 2015, which lets you send WhatsApp messages without typing. WhatsApp is going for it now.

WhatsApp tricks and tips: This application is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. In case you are a WhatsApp user, you must have come across times when you did not want to type out a message to someone. For example, you saw a message while driving however you can’t type an answer at that point. For this situation, we have you covered. You can send WhatsApp messages without actually having to type them out. This WhatsApp trick works on Android phones. You have to start by changing your settings on the phone. It will then allow you to send WhatsApp messages without typing.

Google launched a feature on its Google Assistant back in 2015, which allows you to send WhatsApp messages without composing. The next year, Apple’s Siri presented a similar feature. With this, messages can be sent through a voice from third-party applications. To send messages without composing, you need to go to Settings on the Google application and afterward click on your profile photo on the right corner of Google Assistant. Further, look down to Personal Result and turn on this function.

Google expects you to say the wake word “Hello Google” to activate the Google Assistant. You would now be able to say, “send a WhatsApp message to.” Following this, you should take the name of the people you need to message on WhatsApp. Google Assistant will ask you what message you need to send. Presently, stand up so anyone might hear the message that you need to pass on and it will be sent without you using your fingers at all to type. With this, you can send WhatsApp messages with the assistance of Google Assistant without typing.

What’s next on WhatsApp

A host of new WhatsApp features, like Voice Waveforms, are relied upon to show up in the coming months. The feature that is expected to arrive on the messaging app in the near term is called the WhatsApp Voice Transcriptions feature. It will allow users to transcribe the content of a voice message. WhatsApp clients will actually want to transform the substance in the voice message into clear arrangement. Thus, what a companion or relative has imparted to the client in a voice message can be imparted to others in a message design as well.