WhatsApp Will Make Accepting Updated Terms of Service Optional for Users

WhatsApp users who wish to message certain business accounts will still have to accept the terms.

WhatsApp will reportedly make its terms of service optional for users. The Facebook-owned messaging service updated its privacy policy and terms of services back in January to all the more likely integrate with other products and services offered by Facebook. It faced significant reaction from its user base with various peoples escaping to Signal and Telegram. Now, it looks like the instant messaging service will make agreeing to the news terms optional without restricting account access for most users.

As indicated by a report by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will make accepting its new terms of service optional in a future update. This implies users won’t be forced to accept the terms in fear of their account being limited as that was the case earlier. The report states that only those who want to message business accounts that use cloud providers will need to review and accept the terms.

According to a screen capture shared by WABetaInfo, the new terms and service pop up shows up when informing explicit business accounts. The pop up states, “WhatsApp recently updated its terms and privacy policy. The business uses a secure service from the Facebook company to manage chats. To chat with business, review and accept the WhatsApp update.” There are two options — ‘Not now’ and ‘Review.’

WABetaInfo adds that WhatsApp is intending to report this change very soon and will be delivering a report on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS.

Recently, it was reported for that WhatsApp is working away at message reactions that work like how reactions are available on iMessage, Instagram, and Twitter. It was said that the messaging service is testing message reactions internally so not even beta testers had access to it. Additionally, it was also reported that WhatsApp for Android is getting updated with a new colour scheme that is brighter compared to the existing one. The new colour was available in WhatsApp beta version for Android.

(image credit : WABETAINFO)