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WhatsApp Working On New Read Later Feature to Replace Archived Chats: All the Details

WhatsApp for Android beta v2.21.2.2 has instances of the Read Later feature being in the pipeline.

WhatsApp is reportedly working with a Read Later feature, that is essentially a rejig of what Archived Chats is at this moment. Read Later, as the name suggests, will keep all chats added to this list muted, and new message notifications for these chats won’t be offered to reduce successive interferences. Basically, users can put all of those groups and people that aren’t important to them in this Read Later section to have a less cluttered and organized main chat screen on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo reported about the new Read Later feature. Upgrades to this feature were seen in Whatsapp Android beta. The new WhatsApp for Android beta v2.21.2.2 has instances of the Read Later feature. In November, WhatsApp for iOS beta v2.20.130.16 also had mentions of this feature. Obviously, it is being worked on and you won’t have the option to see it even if you install the latest beta. WhatsApp should to introduce it with beta users once the feature is prepared for testing, before to making it available to every business users.

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WABetaInfo says that Read Later will sit exactly similarly situated as Archived Chats, on top of the chat list. Tapping on the button will offer an introductory banner that explains what it is about, “To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages stay here and you won’t get any notifications.” The tracker notes that WhatsApp is working on improving this function, and the latest update brings a persistent message that will be plastered at the top of the Read Later for users to be aware what its functionality is. The message reads, “All chats are muted to reduce interruptions.”

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Users can reportedly effectively turn off Read Later with simply a switch in Chat Settings. With this one switch, all visits that have been kept in Read Later will move to the main chat area. There is no clarity on when this feature will be available to all users.