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Wondering what’s unique apart from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar? Then it’s time for you to discover the anime world

Animes are completely hand-drawn in computers and generated from comics which gives it a tinge of uniqueness

It’s been days and the lockdown doesn’t seem to end soon. During this, people are finding it difficult to spend their time. The only resource being the internet, people are diving into web series. But, these options are also getting limited because of the caste’s inability to shoot during these difficult times. So, here is a new genre of entertainment to prevent you from becoming torpid. A Japanese animation that will take you to your childhood days. You might be guessing that the word ‘Anime’ is associated with animation, yes you are right the word ‘Anime’ is a Japanese term for animation. Animes are completely hand-drawn in computers and generated from comics which gives it a tinge of uniqueness.

So, here are some anime series which you can binge-watch: –

  1. Hunter x Hunter – One of the most loved anime series with an IMDB rating of 8.9. Also due to its unique storyline and adventure, it finds a place in people’s hearts. Here the lead Gon wants to be a hunter. But, in this process, he wants to find his father who left him when he was a child.
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion – This is on every teen’s watchlist as it takes them to a utopian world. It is a story of an outcast prince and the journey of his leadership with the help of rebellions.
  • Death Note – If you want the fight of a high-school student against all the evils in the world, then do watch this anime. Also, ever heard of a notebook containing powers? Then ready to be surprised.
  • Attack on Titan – This is a story of revenge. Eren takes on the titans single-handedly who are destroying lives. Another impactful story with a gripping animation.
  • Dragon Ball Z – Thus is everyone’s favorite. You can still find people obsessing over Goku. Even if you don’t watch animes, you must have come across this name some of the other time. This a must for every comic lover.

Also, if you are wondering where to watch this. You can watch it on apps like: –

  1. Anime planet – This has almost all the animes you need for to make your day a pleasant one. Also, it keeps on suggesting new animes after you finish watching one.

2. Anime amaze – The god of animation watching apps containing the most popular animes like Dragon Ball Z. You can easily get it from the play store and doesn’t cost you sum.

3. Netflix – Many animes are also available on Netflix. If you want good quality stuff but at the cost of a sum of money then you can go for Netflix.

You must have already started searching for some great animes. Go on, grab a popcorn, keep binge-watching and you will find it difficult to leave your seats. Satisfy your craving for unique content.