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Wrestler Vinesh Phogat’s Charge Against Anurag Thakur Amid: MeToo Protest

Addressing the media, Olympian Vinesh Phogat said, "It is very difficult to stand against a person who is misusing his power and position for so long.

India’s ace wrestler Vinesh Phogat, who has been protesting at Jantar Mantar with other top grapplers against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, has said it is tough to stand against a powerful person who is misusing his power and position for a very long time.

She uncovered that the grapplers had met an authority before they began their dissent in Jantar Mantar, interestingly. Yet, no move was made.

“Three-four months before we sat at Jantar Mantar, we had met an authority, we had let him know all that how ladies competitors are physically irritated and intellectually tormented when no move was initiated, then we sat on Dharna,” Vinesh added.

Vinesh Phogat also pummeled Association Sports Pastor Anurag Thakur for not making any move and smothering the matter by shaping a council.

“We finished our dissent subsequent to conversing with Association Sports Clergyman (Anurag Thakur), and every one of the competitors had informed him regarding the lewd behavior. By framing a council, he attempted to stifle the matter there; no activity was taken that time,” she said.

Wrestler Bajrang Punia tended to the charges that they are challenging new guidelines presented for the choice of the Olympics.

“He (Brij Bhusan) is saying that we have made a few standards for the Olympics and thusly these competitors are dissenting; first and foremost, this isn’t about the Olympics, this is against lewd behavior. Furthermore, in the event that I discuss the Olympics rule; the alliance will take trails of competitors coming from the Olympics, whoever they need,” he said.

Earlier on Saturday, the WFI boss stated that assuming he leaves, it would imply that he has acknowledged the charges raised by the wrestlers.

Answering the WFI boss’ comment, Vinesh Phogat said all they needed was equity.

Delhi Police on Friday enlisted two FIRs against WFI president Singh over charges of lewd behavior and abuse of female wrestlers.

The BJP MP said 90% of Haryana players stand with him while only one wrestling family keeps on fighting at Jantar Mantar.

Prior on April 26, the grapplers held a light walk at Jantar Mantar, encouraging Top state leader Narendra Modi to pay attention to their ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

While conversing with the media, grappler Sakshee Malikkh said, “We encourage PM Modi to pay attention to our Mann Ki Baat. Indeed, even Smriti Irani ji isn’t paying attention to us. We are attempting to show them the light through this candle walk.”

Throughout the course of recent days, the wrestlers have rested and prepared at the dissent site close to Jantar Mantar in the public capital.