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Yes, Twitter is Down in India and Other Parts of the World

Several users, incuding those in India, are not able to access new tweets as well as the news feed when refreshed. This is for both the iOS, Android and web users.

Twitter is currently facing an outage with users facing issues with its website, Android app and iOS app. Many users have taken to websites like DownDetector to complain that they are not able to access the platform. According to DownDetector, Twitter started facing issues at around 8 PM IST, and it currently has over 3,000 reports of the outage. Many users have also taken to other social media platforms like Facebook to report about the outage.

According to the DownDetector Live outage map, Twitter is currently inaccessible in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and a few other parts of the world. Around 52 per cent of the reports state that the Twitter website is not working, and around 32 per cent and 14 per cent reports stating that the Android app and the iOS app are not working, respectively.Twitter, Twitter down, Twitter not working, Twitter outage, Twitter issues, Twitter Android not working, Twitter iOS not working, not working, down, unable to access Twitter DownDetector has logged over 3,000 complaints of Twitter not working. (Image: DownDetector)

Apart from the Twitter website and apps, its Tweetdeck service is also facing an outage, with the webpage being shown as inaccessible.

The reason behind the outage is unknown as of now, and the company has not put out a statement regarding this. This could be a server-level issue for the South East Asian countries like India and Malaysia, which could be solved rather soon.

To recall, Twitter faced a similar issue earlier this month on October 16, however, that was more on a global scale, with only parts of India being affected. But, this outage seems to span the whole country. Recently, we have seen Google’s and Microsoft’s services go down and users couldn’t access the platforms for hours together.