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Your WhatsApp Account Banned Or Deleted? What Not To Do

Your WhatsApp account may be banned or deleted due to some things you may have done - knowingly, or unknowingly. In case you have done these things, you may have a reason to worry about your WhatsApp account being banned.

WhatsApp is a great communication tool. However, it is being misused by many people. To stop these mischief-makers, their WhatsApp accounts can be banned or deleted. Truth be told, your WhatsApp account also can be banned or deleted if you break the rules – knowingly or unknowingly. To save your WhatsApp account from being banned, you should think concerning what you should not do. WhatsApp has been taking a stab at protecting its users on the stage, and it has made a brutal move against lakhs of users on the platform who violated the company’s policies.

Truth be told, the quantity of WhatsApp accounts prohibited has been reported as of late and the quantity of immense. WhatsApp said that it has restricted 20,70,000 Indian records in August alone! WhatsApp had recently restricted 30,27,000 client accounts in the time-frame between 16 June to 31 July. In the interim, in its first consistence report, which covered the time between 15 May and 15 June, 2 million records in India were restricted. Assuming you need to save your WhatsApp account from being restricted from the stage, this is what you should not do.

Try not to utilize outsider or modded WhatsApp applications

Some outsider applications like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Mod, and other adjusted forms of the well-known visit application are effectively accessible on the web. They offer coveted features like the ability to hide your online status or checking your messages without sending a read receipt (while seeing read receipts from others) but these apps are essentially against the company’s terms of service and can get your account banned at any time.

Don’t spam users with unsolicited messages

The first thing that a user is likely to do after receiving an unsolicited message from an unknown number is to report it as spam and block the sender. If you happen to be using WhatsApp to send promotional messages via private chat or broadcast to users without their consent, this is a sure-fire way to get your account banned from WhatsApp. Creating groups with other users without their consent or using automated actions will also result in a ban.

What if your WhatsApp account is suspended or banned?

On the off chance that your WhatsApp account is suspended, it will be reestablished after some time, yet another infraction may prompt a long-lasting boycott. The help is apparently dealing with a component that will allow users to “appeal” their boycott in the application, however, users can also keep in touch with WhatsApp support on the off chance that they feel the boycott was uncalled-for. WhatsApp will then, at that point, survey the boycott and choose whether a users account ought to be reinstated or remain banned in the future.